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terra firma magazine is a collaboration of photography & design. 

Featuring works from a variety of photographers, writers and artists.

Founded and edited by Sophie Willison.


  1. Terra Firma: Terra Firma is a magazine which is developing perspective, objective opinion and an open minded view upon the issues in the XXI century world by exhibiting the work which is not based on achievements in the art society, aesthetics and taste but what is unique and worth hearing in their visual language.

    Issue 04’s current Theme:Speed= distance/time.

    Each artist appearing in the 4th issue of terra firma has chosen a word from a theme to expand and elaborate their own view on through selected images and text.
    The idea of the magazine is to understand how people perceive the concept of speed, distance and time, how they are similar or different, is there a recurring view or emotion in the submitted work.

    Words by Daina Eičaitė