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terra firma magazine - issue 04 (Colour, 200 pages, 210x280mm)

£35.00 / Sold Out

terra firma magazine is a publication dedicated to the collaboration of photography & design, each issue exploring a new theme and working with artists all over the world to create an anual print magazine.

issue 04 focusing on the exploration of a mathematical equation -
Speed = Distance / Time

Featuring works from a variety of photographers, writers, illustrators, painters, designers and artists.

For this issue there are two options available-

210x280mm Colour 200 page publication
210x148mm Black and White 100 page publication

Each option displaying original content.

Email terra_firma_magazine@mail.com for any further information or enquiries.

Founded and edited by Sophie Willison.

280 x 210 mm
Cover image by Sophie Willison
250 gsm, coated, silk

Thank you!

- Sophie

P.S Please note if you would be interested in purchasing one of each version, you will be refunded the remaining cost of shipping once your magazine has been shipped.